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Auchan Calais Hypermarket

Auchan is a popular choice for Calais day trippers and visitors to France. This vast hypermarket should cater for most of your shopping needs, and offers a vast selection of alcohol, food, and home/leisure products. The Auchan complex also consists of a number of other retail outlets . Adjecent to the Auchan building you will also find a Sainsbury’s Wine and Beer outlet which offers similar products, often slightly less expensive as you may expect. For keen DIY’ers there is also a Leroy Merlin outlet which sell a large range of home improvement items and tools.

Opening hours

Auchan Calais is open from Monday to Saturday from 08:30 until at least 21:00. Beware of cheap ferry or Eurotunnel Le Shuttle deals on Sundays if you wish to visit the Auchan hypermarket, as the opening hours are limited on this day.

Getting to the hypermarket complex

via Dover/Calais ferry

The ferry terminal brings you out on Rocade E (E15). After five or ten minutes, take the A16/E402, signposted Boulogne. Many people chose to exit the A16 from Junction 43, but it is often quicker to exit further on, at Junction 41. After leaving at Junction 41, bear right at the first roundabout. Continue straight on for approximately 5 minutes, and you should see the Auchan complex on your left hand side. Ample parking is available within the complex.

Via Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

From Eurotunnel Le Shuttle - take the A16, direction Boulogne, then exit 41, & follow AUCHAN sign. Continue straight on for approximately 5 minutes, and you should see the Auchan complex on your left hand side. Ample parking is available within the complex.

Ferry Foot Passengers

Any day trippers who are travelling to France as foot passengers can take a bus to the rail station. From there, the number 5 bus goes directly to Auchan.

Payment methods

Auchan accept UK credit credit cards as well as Euro currency. When paying using a UK card, you will get the option to be charged in Euros or Pounds. If you opt for pounds, then the amount that is shown on your bill should be the amount charged by your credit card company. If you choose to pay in the local currency, you will be billed in Euros and your card company will calculate the GBP rate which will appear on your bill. Generally there is little difference between the two, but if we are given this option we pay in GBP.

There is also a cash machine in the Auchan complex, although we recommend Pounds into Euros before you leave the United Kingdom. Travellers cheques are also generally accepted.

Also remember that shopping trolleys at Auchan require a 1 Euro (refundable) coin.

Petrol at Auchan

There is a petrol station in the Auchan complex, with prices generally more favourable than in the UK. We always aim to get to Auchan with a quarter of a tank of fuel, before filling up for the journey back to England. The petrol station is usually open between 09:00 and 21:00 Monday to Saturday.


Please note that there is no tabac (for cigarettes) situated at the Auchan complex.

Other shops on site


  • Restaurant Flunch
  • Brasserie Pierrot
  • Brasserie Blériot
  • Croissanterie
  • P & J Chocolats Belges


  • Sephora Perfume
  • Brice (menswear)
  • MIM (womenswear)
  • Complice (children's clothes)
  • Courir


  • Didier Buirette
  • SOHO Jewellrey
  • Charles d Orville