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Before you go

A little bit of preparation before your day trip to France can go a long way! Our list of tips and advice below has been collated from frequent France day trippers.

From packing some coolbags to ensuring you have a 1 Euro coin for your shopping trolley at Auchan, you'll be sure to find some relevant shopping advice here!

  • Take a cool bag and some ice bags with you to France. This will ensure that any cheese and perishable products you purchase return to England in an edible fashion!
  • If you have previously shopped in France, bring the labels of the wine and foods you enjoyed when you cross the Channel again. This makes it easy to find the products you want to purchase again.
  • Many hypermarkets and shopping outlets require a 1 or 2 Euro coin for Trolleys. Ensure you have some small change with you before you arrive.
  • Always check prior to your departure that the shop or hypermarket you wish to visit is open on the day of your trip. It's no good finding a bargain Ferry ticket on a Sunday if many shops are closed!
  • Don't buy goods on your outbound Ferry or Eurotunnel Le Shuttle journey. Make a note of the prices so you can either buy more cheaply in mainland France, or purchase on your return journey.
  • If you are driving in France, remove non essential things from your car to ensure you have the maximum available space for purchases. However, never remove essential breakdown equipment or overload your car!
  • If buying wine, take some small disposable cups and a corkscrew with you. If you spot an offer on a case of wine, buy one bottle to sample a drop in the car park (except if you're driving of course), and if you like it then return to buy some more.
  • If you are looking to buy a particular item in France, check the prices in the UK before you go so you know how much you would be saving.
  • Take your own cardboard wine holders and shopping bags with you for extra convenience.