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DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways offer ferry crossing from Dover to either Calais or Dunkirk. The Dover to Dunkirk route used to be offered by Norfolkine, who are now part of the DFDS Seaways group. DFDS Seaways has been named the Worlds leading Ferry Operator at the World Travel for 2015.

Dover to Calais

Travel on DFDS Seaways between Dover and Calais, the most popular cross channel Ferry route between England and France. From Feburary 2016, there will be 15 crossings daily in each direction, with the journey taking approximately 90 minutes.

Dover to Dunkirk

In addition to the more popular Dover - Calais route, DFDS Seaways offer a Dover to Dunkirk crossing for those taking their vehicles to the Continent. Dunkirk is approximately 20 miles to the East of Calais and provides a good alternative for day trippers looking to travel to Belgium or further beyond. Please note that foot passenger tickets on this route are not available, however passengers with bicycles are welcomed.

The Port of Dunkirk provides a direct link to the A16 and A25 motorways, and the port is quieter than it's Calais counterpart which makes DFDS Seaways an ideal method of travelling to France.

The crossing time to Dunkirk is approximately two hours. There is generally a crossing every two hours between the hours of 2AM and midnight (but from 4am on Mondays, and from 8am on Sundays).

Special offers

See the DFDS Seaways ferry to france special offers page.

How to book

Book tickets on the DFDS Seaways website. For the best DFDS Seaways rates, book as early as possible. If your travel dates are flexible, you can use the 'Earlier' and 'Later' links to see fares for travel on the dates around your requested sailing, which can help to find a cheap DFDS Seaways fare.

DFDS Seaways Dover port


Located in Kent, Dover Docks are accessed easily from the M20 or M2 if arriving by car, and are located below the stunning White Cliffs of Dover. As you approach Dover follow the local signs for the Dover ferry terminal. The nearest train station is Dover Priory - 1.5 miles from the docks. A regular shuttle bus for Ferry foot passengers operates between Dover Priory and the docks between 7am and 8:40pm at the cost of just £2 per person each way. National Express coach company also operates a regular service to the ferry terminal from London Victoria. This journey takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Travel Centre
Eastern Docks
CT16 1JA

DFDS Seaways Calais port


The port in Calais is located just outside the town. The Port is connected to the European road network via two autoroutes. The A26/E15 road goes to the heart of France, including Paris. The A16/E40 runs approximately east-west and provides access to Benelux to the East and Boulogne and Le Touquet to the West. For foot passenger day trips, there is a regular shuttle bus (available between 10am and 8pm local time), connecting the port to the centre of Calais (and the railway station on request). There is a small charge per passenger per journey.

Terminal Est Car Ferry
Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Calais
24 Boulevard des Alliés

DFDS Seaways Dunkirk port


Dunkirk Port is situated just outside the centre and provides easy eccess to the A16 and A25. An Auchan hypermarket is just a few minutes drive away.

Terminal Roulier du Port Quest
F59279 Loon-Plage