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Breakdown cover

The success of the Euro Tunnel and the frequency of cross Channel ferries means that it is simple to take your own vehicle when you embark on a day trip to France. But if you’re planning on driving in France, it’s important to be well prepared – and that includes having the right sort of breakdown cover. Without European breakdown cover it could be an expensive mistake.

Driving in France kit

Ensure that your are prepared for driving in France with our list of recommended equipment has been collated from frequent France day trippers. Many of these items are required by law when driving in certain European countries, so we advise you are equipped with all these items.

French driving laws

Understand some of the French laws on the roads to keep you safe.

European car insurance

Many people who head to France and the Continent believe that the level of car insurance they currently enjoy in the U.K automatically extends to driving within Europe, which may not always be the case.

General tips

Ensure that your are familiar with our general driving tips to make your journey as safe and stress free as possible.

License Requirements

Information on the driving license requirements for driving in France.